"The Pure Bred Music Group is creating music so authentic that it reaches deep within, satisfying a primal need, while seemingly transcending time."


PureBred Music Group founded by Jackpot in December of 2016.  Pure•Bred was built on the principles of creating music that is on the cutting edge, sonically pleasing and of the highest quality.  Richie Rich is credited with all visual representation of PBMG and its members. “X” are accustomed to working sleepless nights and days behind the scenes ensuring the music of 4GAUTO is authentic.  The Group is channeling their belief in hard work, loyalty, discipline, family and ambition into providing the lifestyle, music, and overall dynamic to make a change in the music and entertainment industry. He movement emanating from the Pure•Bred Music Group is truly a force to be reckoned with. Though, PBMG is technically in its early development stage, the number of people showing up to events, displaying the Pure•Bred name and logo, proves that PBMG’s ascension is imminent.  At event after event, there is a groundswell of fans sporting the all black Pure•Bred gear.  This wave after wave of ecstatic fans is evidence of the seismic disturbance in Hip-Hop being created by the music of 4GAUTO and the Pure•Bred movement. 

4GUATO, emerging from Jersey City, New Jersey, is the featured  artist of the new Pure•Bred Music Group. 4GUATO  uses the Pure•Bred Music Group platform to bring the Group's lifestyle to the public's awareness. His debut project, entitled "Pure", wows listeners with endless streams of extraordinary sounds and displays an uncanny diversity. At the age of seventeen, 4G knew that music would be the focus of life. He began to write lyrics and to take his musical art form seriously. While in College, 4Guato was discovered by Jackpot, CEO of the Pure•Bred Music Group. Realizing that Jackpot would open the doors for him to attain his dreams, 4G interrupted his college studies, and has made the requisite "all commitment to become a professional rapper, on Pure•Bred label.

Traveling and performing between Atlanta, Las Vegas, and New York, 4GUATO name has become recognizable. Opening up for artists such as Nas, Rick Ross, and MoneybaggYo has given major buzz as a major upcoming artist. 4G's social media presence solidifies his loyal and expanding fan base and suggests his growth is boundless.

Over the past year Jackpot, 4GUATO,  Richie Rich, and X have created a remarkable chemistry, sound, and work ethic that is captvating the music industry.